The books I have finished reading:

No.TitleAuthorDate of completionRating
1Atomic Habits: Tiny Changes, Remarkable ResultsJames Clear2021★★★★★
2The HobbitJ.R.R Tolkien2021★★★★☆
3Gods at WarKyle Idleman2022★★★★☆
4The Almanack of Naval Ravikant: A Guide to Wealth and Happiness2022★★★★★
5On Regular InvestingXiaolai Li2022★★★★★
6Rich Dad Door DadRobert Kiyosaki2022★★★★☆
7Animal FarmGeorge Orwell2022★★★★★
8The ShallowsNicholas Carr2022★★★★☆
9Effortless English: Learn To Speak English Like A NativeA.J. Hoge2022★★★☆☆
10The Carnivore DietShawn Baker2022★★★★☆
11Learn Enough HTML, CSS and Layout to Be Dangerous2022★★★★☆
12Learn Enough JavaScript to be Dangerous2022★★★★☆
13Rich Dad’s Cashflow QuadrantRobert T. Kiyosaki2022★★★★☆
14The Richest Man in BablylonCharles Conrad2022★★★☆☆
15Rich Dad’s Before You Quit Your JobRobert T. Kiyosaki2022★★★☆☆
16No More Mr. Nice GuyDr. Robert A. Glover2022★★★★★
17The PrinceMachiavelli2022★★★☆☆
18Practice Makes Perfect English Grammar for ESL LearnersEd Swick2023★★★★☆
19The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the TOEFL2023★★★★☆
20Mere ChristianityC. S. Lewis2023★★★★★
21Rich Dad’s Guide to InvestingRobert T. Kiyosaki2023★★★☆☆
22The 250 Sales Questions to Close The DealStephan Schiffman2023★★☆☆☆
23How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing With PeopleLeslie T. Giblin2023★★★☆☆
24What To Say When You Talk To SelfDr. Shad Helmstetter2023★★★★☆
25The Road Less TraveledPeck, M. Scott2023★★★★★
26Sex Is Not the ProblemJoshua harris2023★★★★★
27Becoming HumanJean Vanier2023-08★★★★★
28Sales DogsBlair Singer2023-09-11★★★★☆
29 The Courage to Be DislikedFumitake Koga; Ichiro Kishimi2023-10-15★★★★★
30Critical Thinking Concepts and ToolsRichard Paul; Linda Elder2023-10-17★★★★★
31Sexual DetoxTim Challies2023-11-04★★★★☆
32American Accent Training Ann Cook2023-11-17★★★★★
33How to Develop Self-Confidence and Influence People by Public SpeakingDale Carnegie2023-12-23★★★★☆
34How to Enjoy Your Life and Your JobDale Carnegie2024-01-22★★★★★
35Selected Stories by O.HenryO.Henry2024-01-27★★★☆☆
36Linux in easy steps, illustrated using Linux Mint McGrath, Mike2024-02-29★★★☆☆
37Unlocking German with Paul NoblePaul Noble2024-03-04★★★★★
38Money BlogNathaniel Branes2024-03-27★★★★☆
39Easyway to Stop SmokingAllen Carr2024-04-14★★★★☆
40Why We Get SickBenjamin Bikman2024-05-31★★★⁠★⁠★

It’s updated from time to time…