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Writing is supposed to be an essential part of life. Organizing one’s words and works in the form of a blog is less fickle than social media-style sharing, and there are no more meaningless likes and comments; compared to keeping it private for oneself, and sharing it with those who need it. I created this blog to record myself and share my thoughts, articles and works. :)

This site has joined the “ten-year contract” activities:(that is, from joining this activity, our blog will not be closed for ten years, to maintain the update and vitality!)

Hello! My name is LIU, Qiran. I hope to connect to the world and meet more friends. :)

My Bitcoin wallet address:1Lae6qzRkp62V6Tbfusv3fhtfKrXDZnoV9

Blog’s birthday: Feb 9, 2019

About this blog

Contact me: Telegram: Contact @liu_qiran

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