5 Love Languages


What happens to love after the wedding?

Like languages in linguistic, there are also 5 languages in love. If we cannot understand the love in other’s love language, we cannot communicate love.

Keeping the love tank full

We all have a love tank from our childhood.

Falling in love

It’s a illusion. The average in-love experience lasts two years.
The in-love experience is not our own growth. It’s a sense that we arrived.

Presently 40 percent of first


Chapter 5 Energy 埶篇第五


凡戰者, 以正合, 以奇勝。
In order to secure victory, indirect methods are also important.

戰勢不過奇正, 奇正之變, 不勝窮也。
There are unending series maneuvers derived from 奇 and 正. In a war, we can use so many ways. Why just always think about 正?
It’s hard for me to use Zheng, but Qi is also useful.

勢如擴弯, 節如發機。
In this sentence, 勢 equals energy. Release your energy as soon as possible when a war begins.

任勢者, 其戰人也, 如轉木石。木石之性, 安則靜, 危 則動, 方則止, 圓則行。
戰人is fighting men. We use… ...➔➔➔

CHAPTER 4 Tactical Dispositions

見勝不過思人之所知, 非善之善者也。
Know the ken of the common herd is not enough.

故善戰者, 立於不敗之地, 而不失敵之敗也。
不失敵之敗 equals does not miss the moment for defeating the enemy.

We need to lay plans before the battle.

勝者之戰民也, 若決積水於千例之豁者, 形也。
This kind of conquering force, it’s like the bursting of pent-up waters into a chasm.

CHAPTER 3 Attack By Strategem

故上兵伐謀, 其次伐交, 其次伐兵, 下政攻城
Destroy the enemy’s plan is the best.

During the war, we need a full preparation to besiege a walled city. It will spend a lot of time.

將不勝其忿, 而儀附之
The general may lose their patience before the engines of attacking prepared.

拔人之城而非攻也, 人之國而非久也。
Therefore, the skilled generals will overthrow their kingdom without any operations. They will not harm individuals but destroy the government. The typical instance is the Wu … ...➔➔➔

Waging War

If you exposed a war too long, even you are ingenious, you will make a mistake. leave a little to your opponent.

Waging a war, you need to forage on your enemy.

故殺敵者, 怒也;取敵之利者, 貨也 Kill your enemy from the power generated by your anger, get benefits from your foe.

Letter 4

When human in the prayers, they always want to pretend to be honest to the god, but they don’t in their heart. they always pretend to stick with their purposes but they always forget when they fell in some trivial things and some messinesses in reality, this is evil’s work.

Pa Yih 13 analysis

Tranlation’s words

谓:Legge’s translation: “meaning”, Eno’s translation: “sense”.

媚:Legge: pay court to; Eno: appeal to; Lau: be obsequious to

灶:Legge: furnance; Eno: the kitchen god; Lau: the kitchen stove

奥: Legge: the south-west corner; Eno: the god of the dark corner; Lau: the south-west corner of the house

Legge translated “问曰”into “asked, saying” . Comparing to “asked” (Eno’s translation) and “said” (Lau’s translation)… ...➔➔➔