EP 14 Information quality

In my own opinion, there are three kinds of information in our life.
The first one is text, the second is audio, the last one is video.
Let’s talk about the first one. The content of texts is based on words. It’s the most abstract form of information. If we are literate, we can understand words, then we can understand road signs, posters, magazines, and books. It’s simplest to save texts for us. It’s also a form that can save the best information quality. … ...➔➔➔

EP 12 Repetition

Repetition is an essential part in our life.
Life is started from one cell. But just by copying itself, one cell can grow into a complicate system with different features. It’s a form of repetition.

When we need to memorize something, we aIso need a lot of repetitions. Maybe it’s very boring, but I can’t deny it’s a very effective way.
When we need to gain a skill, we also need a lot of repetitions. We usually started from a very basic practice. Only after … ...➔➔➔

EP 11 Pure writing

Writing is a essential part in the life of thinking and learning. It’s also indispensible for me.
But the way of writing has changed a lot. Writing on paper is the most traditional way.
I can still vaguely remember the days when I was writing journal on paper under the dim light of lamp. I enjoyed the feeling of writing on paper.
But it’s very inconvenient to write on paper. We can’t take all of our notebooks easily. It’s also difficult to look up former words.… ...➔➔➔

EP 10 Temporary guest

Recently I was organizing my contact information. I found a lot of people I haven’t contacted in a long time. As time goes by, they disappear from my life and never reappear. It’s as if they died even though I have their information. Each of them is like a temporary guest. I don’t know if there will be a chance for us to meet in the future.

I’m gradually able to start a new relationship. But at the moment I still don’t have the ability to reconnect with … ...➔➔➔

EP 9 Technical breakdown

Last week I went through a serious problem of my server, on which my website runs.
It started with the problem of the version of PHP. The edition of the current PHP is very old and it couldn’t support the running of some plugins. Then I tried to install a new version of PHP, but it didn’t work. When I tried to uninstall the old version, the server crashed and could not be restarted due to an error called “kernel panic”.
I’ve done my best to fix it myself … ...➔➔➔

EP 8 Real wealth

Wealth is usually considered to be money. But in my opinion, true wealth does not only contain money. It can contain many things, such as health, wisdom, and experience.
An essential part of wealth is health. We inherited our health from our ancestors when we were born. It’s innate and priceless. But we can partially change it. We can destroy health, but we can also increase it.
Another part of wealth is wisdom. Although our health can be inherited, we can’t inherit… ...➔➔➔

EP 7 Practice

Practice is one of the most important things in our life.
In order to gain our skill or improve our ability, we all need to have enough practice.
Practice is repeated action. Enough times of repetition is necessary in our life. If we do a lot of practice, we will definitely get some improvements unconsciously.

In most cases, the beginning of the practice is very difficult. We think it’s hard, it’s a big challenge. We may have tried many times, but there are still no results… ...➔➔➔

EP 6 Plain text

I have used a lot of software to store my notes and data. But gradually I found that although these softwares are very convenient and they offer a lot of good services. They also caused me a lot of trouble in the long run.
One important reason is that you cannot export your data freely. I tried a lot of softwares after I decided to write online. Many of them don’t provide good export service. Your files can only be exported to some special formats. What’s more, these files… ...➔➔➔

EP 5 Thirteen years of journaling

I’ve been journaling for thirteen years.
I started journaling in April 2010.

It’s one of the most important habits in my life.
Before 2016, I wrote journals on paper. After 2016, I started to write on app. It’s very convenient to write digitally. After December 2017, I started writing in English.

I became aware that journals are the history of my own life.
Now I have the intention to collect all my journals and publish them in a book. I think it would be very interesting… ...➔➔➔

EP 4 AI tool for learning

I’m Qiran. Today, I would like to share with you my understanding of Artificial Intelligence.

I gradually realized that AI has already entered my life. Some people may think that AI is very destructive to the lives of ordinary people. But in my opinion, the most distinct characteristic that humans possess and surpass other creatures is the ability to use tools. AI is a very useful tool now, and it would be highly beneficial if we can learn to use it effectively.

In terms of … ...➔➔➔