EP 5 Thirteen years of journaling

I’ve been journaling for thirteen years.
I started journaling in April 2010.

It’s one of the most important habits in my life.
Before 2016, I wrote journals on paper. After 2016, I started to write on app. It’s very convenient to write digitally. After December 2017, I started writing in English.

I became aware that journals are the history of my own life.
Now I have the intention to collect all my journals and publish them in a book. I think it would be very interesting… ...➔➔➔

Tropic love


I remember the ocean, Memories die out so hard. We were traveling the mountains, just to find the loudest seas. We settled down by the fire, knowing we could aim higher, but we didn’t know that yet. So if you want something to hold on to, gotta find it first. But here I am.

‘Cause I’ve been laying under palm trees, waiting for the summer, knowing there’s nowhere to do. ‘Cause I am happy on this island, Wanna … ...➔➔➔


The most important decision you’ll ever make: Change your categories.

A lack of willingness to change your categories is dogmatic, and your categories become chains that restrict your growth. On the other hand, your categories may change so wildly that they become meaningless and without something to anchor you, you fall into an endless abyss.

Perhaps, the most important category you’ll construct is one of yourself.

Every category you impose one the world is… ...➔➔➔