We seem like we don’t work for a living but work for dying.

We need to think about how to see our jobs, in this world, we have a caste system of job, we divide them from their salaries.

In America, though most people make 6,000$ a month still not happy.

It seems like we have no choice and just be in the corner.

The Limits to Growth: We are in the corner of growth, we think growth is the truth, we think more is better, but nature is finite, though technology will help us, the government … Read all/全文

Prologue: Managing your life as an integrated whole

The old road map: Our planet face a lot of problems since the Industry Revolution, seems like we are using the old road map from the 19th century as for money and our life.

Creating a new road map

Thinking in new ways

Financially independent thinking

The results of FI thinking. You will naturally go to FI intelligence. One outcome of FI intelligence is saving six months of expences in your bank account at least.




无产阶级是独一无二的阶级,比以往任何阶级所受到的剥削都要多。在过去,阶级之间的关系被宗教或者情感所掩盖。人们没有意识到他们的经济从根本上是被剥削的。而现在资本主义揭露了这样的剥削,因为它仅仅追逐利益和资本。而无产阶级是非常清醒的意识到它作为被剥削对象的处境的。因为资本主义带来的便利的通讯条件,无产阶级比以往任何革命的阶级都能紧密的连结到一起。他们是社会的大多数,而历史上的革命都是社会的少数。他们的所扮演的角色是独一无二的,为了结束整个剥削系统,他们要消灭掉私有财产,消灭阶级。… Read all/全文