EP 12 Repetition

Repetition is an essential part in our life.
Life is started from one cell. But just by copying itself, one cell can grow into a complicate system with different features. It’s a form of repetition.

When we need to memorize something, we aIso need a lot of repetitions. Maybe it’s very boring, but I can’t deny it’s a very effective way.
When we need to gain a skill, we also need a lot of repetitions. We usually started from a very basic practice. Only after … ...➔➔➔


I bought a wallet and started using cash again recently.
It’s a very interesting try. I’ve been getting used to pay by smartphone for many years. It’s feeling weird after suddenly giving up E-pay. But now I found that I can still be relaxed when I going out without smartphone.
When I was paying, the feeling of “touching money” is very authentic. Compare with just tapping on the phone, I prefer the feeling of real money.

EP 8 Real wealth

Wealth is usually considered to be money. But in my opinion, true wealth does not only contain money. It can contain many things, such as health, wisdom, and experience.
An essential part of wealth is health. We inherited our health from our ancestors when we were born. It’s innate and priceless. But we can partially change it. We can destroy health, but we can also increase it.
Another part of wealth is wisdom. Although our health can be inherited, we can’t inherit… ...➔➔➔

EP 7 Practice

Practice is one of the most important things in our life.
In order to gain our skill or improve our ability, we all need to have enough practice.
Practice is repeated action. Enough times of repetition is necessary in our life. If we do a lot of practice, we will definitely get some improvements unconsciously.

In most cases, the beginning of the practice is very difficult. We think it’s hard, it’s a big challenge. We may have tried many times, but there are still no results… ...➔➔➔

Why don’t lie

When we were kids, elders always tell us not to lie. But most of us lie because we are afraid of the consequences after telling the truths. As a child, lying is a good protection. 

It’s always a bad habit to lie to yourself or to other people.

Lying can distort our understanding of reality. When we lie to ourselves, at first we think we can avoid the difficulties or solve some problems. But we will gradually lose the ability to face the real world.

The truth is cruel, but the… ...➔➔➔

Chapter 5-6

The Toltec path to freedom

Awareness, transformation and intent are three masteries that lead people to become Toltecs.
Death is a angel, teaches us live everyday as if it is the last day of our lives.

The New Dream

Heaven on Earth
I WANT YOU TO FORGET EVERYTHING YOU HAVE. Use our imagination, and your emotions to dream heaven.

We can be a prayer for love, a prayer for freedom.

Chapter 1-4

Chapter 1

True justice is paying only once for each mistake. True injustice is paying more than once for each mistake.

The first agreement

Be impeccable with your word.
Self-rejection is the biggest sin.
You can live in heaven in the middle of thousands of people living in hell because you are immune to that hell.

The second agreement

Don’t take anything personally.
If you don’t take the emotional poison, it becomes even worse in the sender, but not in you.

The third