EP 3 Feel the fear

Hi, I’m Qiran. Today I would like to share with you my understanding of fear.

Fear is one of the basic human emotions. We all have fears. As for me, fear is one of my biggest difficulties in life.

There are different kinds of fear.
The first fear of myself is the fear of being disappointed by others. In terms of human relationships, I’m really an infant now. I am afraid of falling.
I always avoid dealing with others, just like an infant avoids learning to walk. But if I never… ...➔➔➔

Why don’t lie

When we were kids, elders always tell us not to lie. But most of us lie because we are afraid of the consequences after telling the truths. As a child, lying is a good protection. 

It’s always a bad habit to lie to yourself or to other people.

Lying can distort our understanding of reality. When we lie to ourselves, at first we think we can avoid the difficulties or solve some problems. But we will gradually lose the ability to face the real world.

The truth is cruel, but the… ...➔➔➔

Whether You Want It or Not…It’s Yours

THE TRUTH IS THAT YOU REALLY ARE IN CONTROL—IN TOTAL CONTROL. You are consciously or unconsciously choosing to be in that lousy job.

  1. Taking responsibility means never blaming anyone else for anything you are being, doing, having, or feeling.
  2. Taking responsibility means not blaming yourself.
  3. Taking responsibility means being aware of where and when you are NOT taking responsibility so that you can eventually change.
  4. Taking responsibility means handling the Chatterbox.

From Pain to Power

Pain to power; Helplessness to choice; Depression to Energy; Paralysis to action;

It’s a power of love yourself, power of good love.

love and power go together.


I’m powerful and I am loved.

Action is very powerful!

Don’t be too serious! (Don’t be as my dad)

“I hope” is a pain. You are not a victim, you just need to say “I know”.

If you are responsible for your faults, then you can avoid… ...➔➔➔


Hold my hand
I’m real powerless to fight
Can you lead me to the light?
My strenght has come to fear
Fled in truth of dawn
Curious as a day
My heart huh woah oh

Can you bring me back to life?
Ignite the fire again?
Can you bring me back home where I am not alone?
I’m lost inside, the night and I cannot find you
Bring me back

Meet me at the levee
All the tears I’ve shed
Before it brights upon my head oh uh oh

Can you bring me back to life?
Ignite the fire again?
Can you bring me back


CHAPTER 6 Tell Them I Love (Some) Randomness

When the variation comes, people will rush into the door.
Equal distance between food and water makes donkey die of hunger or thirst.
Political Annealing
The problem of the United States is the two-party system, you cannot randomize a party that doesn’t exist.
The Second Step: Do (Small) Wars Save Lives?
Maybe the small wars or some battles strengthen the country.
What to Tell the Foreign Policy Makers
Saudi Arabia and the US formed an alliance for stability,… ...➔➔➔

What Are Emotions For?

From the story that a parent rescued their daughter and perished, we can learn that self-sacrifice is an irrational urge from emotion. Our emotion is an extraordinary power that guides us to handle the challenges of life.

From the tragedy that happened in Crabtree, we can learn that passions always overwhelm ration time and again.

Impulses to Action
In our emotional repertoire, each plays a unique role.

Our Two Minds
From the story that the woman… ...➔➔➔

CHAPTER 5 The Souk and the Office Building

There are two types of professions, employee and taxi driver, though the first one has a high salary and stable, it’s fragile. This profession is in a system of artificial and human-made. But the second one is antifragile, same kind profession corporates artisan, prostitute, etc. Nature like small mistakes and variability.

Lenin in Zurich
Because Swiss have no government, it formed a bottom-up system that causes stability. There is no big idea… ...➔➔➔