Letter 4

When human in the prayers, they always want to pretend to be honest to the god, but they don’t in their heart. they always pretend to stick with their purposes but they always forget when they fell in some trivial things and some messinesses in reality, this is evil’s work.


The author thinks we cannot just live alone, we need to have a belonging, but maybe love other people is hurt other people’s freedom. What’s more, we think we are in a group or a community, we can feel we are superior than others. we all need help, but sometimes we always hide this and think we are better than others.

In order to think we are superior to others, we build walls, make our group against other groups, prejudice cultivates.

Back to the Child

We refuse our weaknesses… ...➔➔➔


The author got some experiences which saw so many disabilities, they full of loneliness, painful.

A human being needs a companion, and we need truths and make our worlds or communities better.

Community and Rigid Order

This is a paradox between the desire to belong, to fit in a community and to serve the deepest mind for oneself, close to God and be freedom.

The Weakness of a Child

We all born with weakness, we need love from parents as we cannot survive without others help. So if we … ...➔➔➔