High levels are abstract. People alway want to go higher level thinking.

Shifting to low levels has two benefits, the first is people can avoid the control of high levels, the second is, people escape from strong emotions like anxiety.

People usually change between high levels and low levels.

Self-awareness can occurs at different levels, at low levels, like pain and movement.

Self-worth is very important if they cannot justify their actions and feel progress for their goals,… ...➔➔➔

Masochism and sadism

In Freud’s theory, masochism is from sadism, another theory said that sadism and masochism are two faces of one coin.

But the recent study shows that maybe masochism is more fundamental. The number of Masochists are much more than sadists’.

The submissive partners are really in control during SM, because it is the submissive’s desire shapes the sex play.

Masochistic desires are much stronger than sadistic. But many submissive people cannot find a partner… ...➔➔➔