CHAPTER 6 Tell Them I Love (Some) Randomness

When the variation comes, people will rush into the door.
Equal distance between food and water makes donkey die of hunger or thirst.
Political Annealing
The problem of the United States is the two-party system, you cannot randomize a party that doesn’t exist.
The Second Step: Do (Small) Wars Save Lives?
Maybe the small wars or some battles strengthen the country.
What to Tell the Foreign Policy Makers
Saudi Arabia and the US formed an alliance for stability,… ...➔➔➔

CHAPTER 5 The Souk and the Office Building

There are two types of professions, employee and taxi driver, though the first one has a high salary and stable, it’s fragile. This profession is in a system of artificial and human-made. But the second one is antifragile, same kind profession corporates artisan, prostitute, etc. Nature like small mistakes and variability.

Lenin in Zurich
Because Swiss have no government, it formed a bottom-up system that causes stability. There is no big idea… ...➔➔➔

What Kills Me Makes Others Stronger

Antifragility by layers

Some parts on the inside of a system may be required to be fragile in order to make the system antifragile as a result. All restaurants are combating with each other in order to form the antifragility of the whole group. If a single restaurant is too robust when the crisis happens, all reasons are boil down to the fragile of this restaurant.

Evolution and Unpredictability

Nature (and nature-like systems) likes diversity between organisms rather than diversity...➔➔➔

The Cat and the Washing Machine

organic and mechanical are different, organisms are antifragile, also for human-beings. But in modern society, humans all live longer but weak, because the environment is so fragile. Unlike natural environment, their working environment, medicine and living quarters all making them weaker and weaker. Unlike mechanicals, organisms will become stronger because of self-repair in some point.

The Complex

The man-made mechanicals are complicated but not complex, If you… ...➔➔➔

Overcompensation and Overreaction Everywhere

If as want to innovate and get creativities, we must get in trouble first, we cannot get invention from comfort.


If we want to finish a task, we must finish it in our busiest time.

Antifragile Responses as Redundancy

the human’s kidney is a form of redundancy, it isn’t useless, because you can save for bad times. So it’s the same reason why we need to build strong will and get in trouble even though there is no hazard.

According to the writer’s… ...➔➔➔

Between Damocles and Hydra


The opposite of fragile is not robust, half of our life has no name for.


We need to become Hydra, the serpent-like creature, we need some doses of antifragility, otherwise the sword of Damocles will get you.

On the Necessity of Naming

In the history of human, so many names of colors didn’t created, but this doesn’t mean we cannot discern different colors. We are doing more than we think.


Hormesis is the first… ...➔➔➔


Formal education cannot bring discovery and progress, only aggressive risk can.

In modern times, so many people avoid fragility through the expences of others.

The Antidote to The Black Swan

We are very thirsty for order, we should embrace the randomness so that we can become control order.

When facing small probabilities, we often fail, so only when understanding it, then we will not fearful.

Robust Is Not Robust Enough

Mother Nature cannot predictable, though it runs well… ...➔➔➔