Written Assignment #2

1. The Master said to Yan Yuan, “If I’m employed, I’ll show my talent; If not, I’ll hide my light under a bushel, only you and I have the ability to do it!”
2. Zi Lu said, “If you lead troops, whom do you want to work with you?” 
3. The Master Said, “If someone attacks a tiger unarmed or crosses a river without a boat, and he died without any regret, I would not work with him. What I need definitely is someone who is careful and fond of making plans for success.”


1. The meaning… ...➔➔➔

A Brief Overview of 19th Century English

Google Books Ngram Viewer
1. Commonly called an Ngram
2. Statistical analysis of text or speech
3. Finds n(a number) of a certain item in  text (examples of n: phonemes, prefixes,  phrases, or letters)
Google Books Ngram Viewer
analyzed text (‘corpus’): books scanned  by Google
default time period: 1800 to 2000 output: graph representing use of  searched item in books through time (used in this presentation to show general  trends of increase… ...➔➔➔