EP 11 Pure writing

Writing is a essential part in the life of thinking and learning. It’s also indispensible for me.
But the way of writing has changed a lot. Writing on paper is the most traditional way.
I can still vaguely remember the days when I was writing journal on paper under the dim light of lamp. I enjoyed the feeling of writing on paper.
But it’s very inconvenient to write on paper. We can’t take all of our notebooks easily. It’s also difficult to look up former words.… ...➔➔➔

Written Assignment #2

1. The Master said to Yan Yuan, “If I’m employed, I’ll show my talent; If not, I’ll hide my light under a bushel, only you and I have the ability to do it!”
2. Zi Lu said, “If you lead troops, whom do you want to work with you?” 
3. The Master Said, “If someone attacks a tiger unarmed or crosses a river without a boat, and he died without any regret, I would not work with him. What I need definitely is someone who is careful and fond of making plans for success.”


1. The meaning… ...➔➔➔

A Brief Overview of 19th Century English

Google Books Ngram Viewer
1. Commonly called an Ngram
2. Statistical analysis of text or speech
3. Finds n(a number) of a certain item in  text (examples of n: phonemes, prefixes,  phrases, or letters)
Google Books Ngram Viewer
analyzed text (‘corpus’): books scanned  by Google
default time period: 1800 to 2000 output: graph representing use of  searched item in books through time (used in this presentation to show general  trends of increase… ...➔➔➔