EP-01 Why I start my podcast

Hello everyone. I’m Qiran. This is the first episode of my podcast. Today’s topic is that, I want to share reasons about why I start my podcast.

The first reason is, it’s a place of sharing my thoughts and my understanding covering a lot of topics. It’s an opportunity to exchange ideas with others, maybe I can meet new friends and learn a lot from others in the future.

Second, I think I can cover a lot of topics that I’m interested in. Forcing myself to write something is a good habit to learn, and it’ll also help me improve my thinking.

Third, it’s a good place to record my practice of speaking English. I can listen to my own voice and find my own problems of my speaking. I hope I’ll be able to upload a podcast regularly. It’s not only a practice for myself, but other people can also help me improve my English.

That’s all, I hope to continue in the future.

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