EP 11 Pure writing

Writing is a essential part in the life of thinking and learning. It’s also indispensible for me.
But the way of writing has changed a lot. Writing on paper is the most traditional way.
I can still vaguely remember the days when I was writing journal on paper under the dim light of lamp. I enjoyed the feeling of writing on paper.
But it’s very inconvenient to write on paper. We can’t take all of our notebooks easily. It’s also difficult to look up former words.
I started writing on note-taking apps in 2016. It’s really convenient and solved the former problems.
There are a lot of features on noke-taking apps. We can change the style and font of notes. We can insert images, audios, even attachments of any format…
But in recent years I realized I spent so much time on the features of the software. It created a lot of difficulties to saving and sharing. Another problem is that, note-taking app is installed on electronic devices. Phones and computers contains more features and notifcations. Now I think this way of writing also has its negative effect. It will create a lot of distractions.
Recently I started writing in plain text. I can write in any note-taking softwares. Using special device for writing is also a good idea.

What’s more, I considered writing offline. Before I should always use online grammar checker when I was writing in English. Now I think it’s also a kind of distractions. Errors and misuses are inevitable. I also shouldn’t be perfect. Because it’s wiriting for myself. Why not write freely and purely?

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