EP 7 Practice

Practice is one of the most important things in our life.
In order to gain our skill or improve our ability, we all need to have enough practice.
Practice is repeated action. Enough times of repetition is necessary in our life. If we do a lot of practice, we will definitely get some improvements unconsciously.

In most cases, the beginning of the practice is very difficult. We think it’s hard, it’s a big challenge. We may have tried many times, but there are still no results at all. We want to give up. But if we continue and persevere, as the times of practice increase, our improvement will be faster and faster. This is a phenomenon that shows up in many areas. The problem is that we give up so easily.

Most things are not like playing video games. Video game will set a lot of wonderful features and plots to attract us to stick to it. But skills in real life may not be like that. The journey to get a skill is not so smooth, it’s very long and painful. Maybe some of them are similar to learning to ride a bicycle, we would fall down a lot of times. But suddenly we can keep the balance, we know how to ride a bike. It’s a serendipity, a change we can’t imagine. To get this amazing result, all we can do is practice.

I am beginning to understand the importance of practice. What we can do is create an environment for practice. Usually I am afraid of something. I realized that’s the reason I haven’t touched that thing enough times. I can simulate an environment and do a lot of practice. If I can handle it with ease in practice, then it’s not a big deal when I have to face it.

Everything is hard in the beginning, but every achievement starts from simple repetition.

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