EP 8 Real wealth

Wealth is usually considered to be money. But in my opinion, true wealth does not only contain money. It can contain many things, such as health, wisdom, and experience.
An essential part of wealth is health. We inherited our health from our ancestors when we were born. It’s innate and priceless. But we can partially change it. We can destroy health, but we can also increase it.
Another part of wealth is wisdom. Although our health can be inherited, we can’t inherit wisdom. Through learning, reading, and education, we can gradually get wisdom. Everyone has their own wisdom. It’s also priceless in different people’s lives.
Finally, experience is also a part of wealth. Good experience is wealth, and bad experience is a kind of debt. But whether it is good or bad, whether it is a wealth or a liability, all depends on how you look at yourself. Everybody has unique experiences. If we can get more experience, we might be able to handle challenges more easily in the future.

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