And the Clock Struck 8/8/08

The author got in touch with a man who had a vasectomy. Zhu lost her only daughter, he full of regrets that he followed the rule.

When the Olympics games approached, the government swung into build buildings like CCTV Underpants, Egg, etc.

When the count ran down, the author had a miscarriage, the game is over. During the time of the opening ceremony, there are a lot of rumors. The Chinese government can play the Small ball, but they don’t fare Big ball, the commercial and creative sports as well.

Behind the opening ceremony, everything is sham.
2,008 children are all Han Chinese, she is a lip-syncing girl, and there is computer-generated imagery.

The author visited the Anren museum, Everything is hidden behind the figure and the praising to the government’s work, lost storytelling. This earthquake not only showed the natural tragedy but also showed the unnatural policy.

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