Formal education cannot bring discovery and progress, only aggressive risk can.

In modern times, so many people avoid fragility through the expences of others.

The Antidote to The Black Swan

We are very thirsty for order, we should embrace the randomness so that we can become control order.

When facing small probabilities, we often fail, so only when understanding it, then we will not fearful.

Robust Is Not Robust Enough

Mother Nature cannot predictable, though it runs well for 4 billion years.

It’s an illusion that technology is a programmed design.

On the Measurability of (Some) Things

We can measure the fragility, but we cannot predict the future through it. Consciously, we rejecting the antifragility, but unconsciously, we sometimes do it.

The Fragilista

We always use the so-called solid system to intervere natural growth.

Where Simple Is More Sophisticated

Less is more and more effective, but to change it, we should have structural changes.

The (Rather Happy) Disorder Family

Time is also like volatility, more time, more disorder.

If You See Something

If you see fraud and do not say fraud, you are a fraud.

Defossilizing Things

Academia is very fossilized, but the reality is more harmonized than the academia.


The book is the collection of some essays.

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