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The most important decision you’ll ever make: Change your categories.

A lack of willingness to change your categories is dogmatic, and your categories become chains that restrict your growth. On the other hand, your categories may change so wildly that they become meaningless and without something to anchor you, you fall into an endless abyss.

Perhaps, the most important category you’ll construct is one of yourself.

Every category you impose one the world is… ...➔➔➔

Notes: The Now Habit (1)

Goal: supportive of yourself

The questions about yourself:

1. Obligation.

2. Time (vague terms such as “sometime next week” )

3. Goals and value. (distracted by another plan)

4. Mood, fear.

Conclusion: Our real distress comes from constant anxiety of delaying.

It is important to notice the healing system. But Why we procrastinate? Because we fear a threat to our independence.

The fear of judgment is the key fear that stems from over-identifying who you are.

The critic: You can...➔➔➔

Two Years Anniversary of Using Anki

I have been using Anki for two years.
It is one of the best learning and memorizing software I have ever met. It is open-source, freedom and personal.

I have added 18,000 cards in the English desk, making my English from slag to intermediate level where I can read English articles.
I also created other types of desks, related to my major and my interests.
The next steps are to improve my knowledge base of my major: create cards I should memorize, check my cards’ grammar and add… ...➔➔➔

About me

Writing is supposed to be an essential part of life. Organizing one’s words and works in the form of a blog is less fickle than social media-style sharing, and there are no more meaningless likes and comments; compared to keeping it private for oneself, and sharing it with those who need it. I created this blog to record myself and share my thoughts, articles and works. :)

This site has joined the “ten-year contract” activities:(that is, from joining this activity,… ...➔➔➔