EP 12 Repetition

Repetition is an essential part in our life.
Life is started from one cell. But just by copying itself, one cell can grow into a complicate system with different features. It’s a form of repetition.

When we need to memorize something, we aIso need a lot of repetitions. Maybe it’s very boring, but I can’t deny it’s a very effective way.
When we need to gain a skill, we also need a lot of repetitions. We usually started from a very basic practice. Only after enough times of practice, we can learn more advanced skill.
At first, even a basic skill is challenging to us, After enough repetition, it will become more and more easier. Then based on this skill there can growing more advanced skills.

If we can repeat enought times, we will definately gain more and more skills. The difficulty is, we always give up. We make a lot assumptions that we are not good at all. But the truth is, the beginning is always the most difficult part. With enough repetition and time, we can break fences one by one.

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