The author got some experiences which saw so many disabilities, they full of loneliness, painful.

A human being needs a companion, and we need truths and make our worlds or communities better.

Community and Rigid Order

This is a paradox between the desire to belong, to fit in a community and to serve the deepest mind for oneself, close to God and be freedom.

The Weakness of a Child

We all born with weakness, we need love from parents as we cannot survive without others help. So if we don’t get love from the outside world, we will feel lonely. A lonely child will construct protection to survive and close his heart, but a child who gets love will more open to the world. we all have a lonely child in our heart, a lonely child can make us survive but also can destruct us.

Love Transforms Chaos

There are seven aspects of love that necessary for the transformation of the heart. to reveal, to understand, to communicate, to celebrate, to empower, to be in communion with another, and, finally, to forgive.

Praying together

Praying is to find love. If we pray, we know we are loved by God.

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