High levels are abstract. People alway want to go higher level thinking.

Shifting to low levels has two benefits, the first is people can avoid the control of high levels, the second is, people escape from strong emotions like anxiety.

People usually change between high levels and low levels.

Self-awareness can occurs at different levels, at low levels, like pain and movement.

Self-worth is very important if they cannot justify their actions and feel progress for their goals, self-worth will be very low.

The Modern Dilemma

In modern times, Chrisitianity lost its central place in western countries, but people cannot find an impeachable criterion for the life.

Masochism as Life-Scheme

There are four concepts in masochism’s life scheme, efficacy, self-worth, justification, and fulfillment because, in modern times, efficacy is omnipresent, but we lack justification and fulfillment, so masochist sacrifices efficacy and self-worth to get justification and fulfillment.

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