Reading the first five books of the Bible

After almost a year of intermittent reading, I have finally finished the first five books of the Old Testament. The first five books are also called the books of Moses.
I suddenly realized that probably seventy percent of the Bible is the Old Testament. Only a small part of it is the New Testament. The Old Testament is written in Hebrew, and the New Testament is written in Greek.

There are some stories that impressed me a lot. Killing and punishment may be the theme during the time of Moses. There is a city called Sodom, which is a city that indulges in lust and sin. People run away before Yahweh destroys this city completely. But the people who turned their heads and looked back at Sodom, still became pillars of salt.
Moses and the generation of Israel living in Egypt ran away from it, all could not see the land promised by God. Only they all died, later generations can start the journey and see the land.

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