Chapter 5 Energy 埶篇第五


凡戰者, 以正合, 以奇勝。
In order to secure victory, indirect methods are also important.

戰勢不過奇正, 奇正之變, 不勝窮也。
There are unending series maneuvers derived from 奇 and 正. In a war, we can use so many ways. Why just always think about 正?
It’s hard for me to use Zheng, but Qi is also useful.

勢如擴弯, 節如發機。
In this sentence, 勢 equals energy. Release your energy as soon as possible when a war begins.

任勢者, 其戰人也, 如轉木石。木石之性, 安則靜, 危 則動, 方則止, 圓則行。
戰人is fighting men. We use our energy to fighting, like rolling logs and stones down from a mountain thousands of feet in height.

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