CHAPTER 5 The Souk and the Office Building

There are two types of professions, employee and taxi driver, though the first one has a high salary and stable, it’s fragile. This profession is in a system of artificial and human-made. But the second one is antifragile, same kind profession corporates artisan, prostitute, etc. Nature like small mistakes and variability.

Lenin in Zurich
Because Swiss have no government, it formed a bottom-up system that causes stability. There is no big idea that can generate in this country. It’s a magnet for ugly rich and tax refugees.

The bottom-up variations is a noise.
A man in a church will feel responsible for his mistakes, but for an office-grounded leech, it’s impossible. That’s why on a large scale, people are just numbers.
The size of the unit may matter more than the system, such as Malaysia and Singapore.
We are more easily swayed by a crying baby than thousands of people dying elsewhere.
We put servants to making decisions based on numbers or theoretical matters. That causes bureaucratic.
There are also the same principle in-laws. Judge-based law (common law), rather than codified law, can avoid some large mistakes.

Rather than stuks, the always causes some extreme consequences. It’s caused by a reason called Extremistan. Not only in politics and economy, but also in the mood for a person!
Extremistan is unpredictable but large.

The Great Turkey Problem
The turkey thinks butcher will feed it after the Thanksgiving day, and the love of butcher will increase when it has been fed for one thousand days. So the key problem is how to avoid being a turkey.

Not only in Switzerland, in Northern Levant, stayed the most prosperous province in the history of humankind. It kept for twelve thousand years, but when stuks took place by the modern program, the effect is visible.

War, Prison, or Both
…What makes the species prosper isn’t peace, but freedom.
The Aleppine merchant fled the Baath regime because he prefers war to prison.

Pax Romana
Centralized nation-state like Egypt or China in history, they rely on centralized bureaucracy. Rather than the Roman empire which just gives protection in the military, they didn’t allow autonomy in the commercial. Lastly, the government of nation-stare will be distracted by war and cannot control other parts like businesses affairs

War or No War
Before Europe created nation-states like Germany or Italy, crisp units always keep in constant tension, but, it’s Medioristan.
After nation-states created, we all know, two world wars, are its vessels.

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