CHAPTER 6 Tell Them I Love (Some) Randomness

When the variation comes, people will rush into the door.
Equal distance between food and water makes donkey die of hunger or thirst.
Political Annealing
The problem of the United States is the two-party system, you cannot randomize a party that doesn’t exist.
The Second Step: Do (Small) Wars Save Lives?
Maybe the small wars or some battles strengthen the country.
What to Tell the Foreign Policy Makers
Saudi Arabia and the US formed an alliance for stability, but it’s very dangerous in the long run. Royalties controlled the whole country, but this alliance strengthens the fundamentalism underground. Maybe the country will get into a more disastrous situation in the future.
We are moving into a period of modernity of MBA, lobbyist, secularization, etc.
The taxman, fear of the boss, and separate the work and leisure.

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