EP 14 Information quality

In my own opinion, there are three kinds of information in our life.
The first one is text, the second is audio, the last one is video.
Let’s talk about the first one. The content of texts is based on words. It’s the most abstract form of information. If we are literate, we can understand words, then we can understand road signs, posters, magazines, and books. It’s simplest to save texts for us. It’s also a form that can save the best information quality. But it’s maybe the hardest information to understand. Books contain the deepest information quality.
Audio is another kind of information, it’s based on sounds. It’s more natural to us because we can use our ear to understand. But we can’t control the speed of understanding. We probably also receive some useless information.
The third one is video. It combines sound and image. We can understand it very well, but it’s more shallow. Normally, information quality of video is not that good.

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