EP 5 Thirteen years of journaling

I’ve been journaling for thirteen years.
I started journaling in April 2010.

It’s one of the most important habits in my life.
Before 2016, I wrote journals on paper. After 2016, I started to write on app. It’s very convenient to write digitally. After December 2017, I started writing in English.

I became aware that journals are the history of my own life.
Now I have the intention to collect all my journals and publish them in a book. I think it would be very interesting to browse through my whole life.
Looking back to my childhood, I realized that I already have the talent to collect the materials in different periods and save them in order. I enjoyed that kind of feeling.

Although diaries are very valuable to me. I still do not have time to go through my own journals. Maybe it’s just a way to release my emotions, to think deeply. It has made me develop a good habit of writing.
I don’t have any performance stress because the journals are secret. I don’t have to share it with other people. Sometimes I write only one sentence for one day. Sometimes I would write hundreds of words if I have motivation.
Therefore, I recommend that everyone be able to form a writing habit like journaling.

Maybe before I die, I can share my journals with the public. All in all, journaling is a good way to preserve memory.

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