EP 6 Plain text

I have used a lot of software to store my notes and data. But gradually I found that although these softwares are very convenient and they offer a lot of good services. They also caused me a lot of trouble in the long run.
One important reason is that you cannot export your data freely. I tried a lot of softwares after I decided to write online. Many of them don’t provide good export service. Your files can only be exported to some special formats. What’s more, these files can only be viewed in some special forms. We can probably convert them to other formats we want, but it’s not that easy.
Another reason is that I realized that some tools and services could give you a lot of convenience and unique features, but when you get used to it. You are also limited by these tools. Your choice would be less, and it’s also very inconvenient if you want to change your tool. Especially for a person who is always curious about new tools. Technology is a double-edged sword. I always want to find a suitable tool for writing, learning, productivity, etc. But the result is not so good.

One day I read an article about plain text. I suddenly realized that we can do that too. We shouldn’t worry about the tools. What we can do is just go back to the content, to the medium itself. I can just focus on the words and the texts. I think that’s the easiest and best medium.

As for the format, I can choose the plain text, just like in this article. It’s very simple. Maybe I can do a lot of things only in plain text format. I don’t have to worry about the stability of software, and I can easily open plain text in a lot of software without worrying about the security of my personal data.

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