Free is tough

Today I browsed many articles about free software, especially this article, Stallman is sort of extreme, why I always care about extremely security and privacy too?

I’m not an extreme person in any topic, I need to have my life and my own goal, but because of my personality, I stick to some thinking that makes me different from others, in the end, it doesn’t make me very happy.

My dreams(like become a native speaker or improve my skill and knowledge reserve very fast) are building in the air, not in the reality, why I cannot enjoy the road?

Today when I was coping my words three years ago, I found I wrote some emotional words, it shows me that I’m already in loneliness three years ago, so where is the long light? I need to find in my heart and outside in the same time, I think if I found, I will find my quietness and tranquility in my heart.

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  1. Stallman被迫辞职也是迟早的事,这条路从来都是那么艰难。

    1. 今后的互联网还会如何发展呢,我觉得我已经没有精力想那么多了,还是做一个普通的用户吧。

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