What Kills Me Makes Others Stronger

Antifragility by layers

Some parts on the inside of a system may be required to be fragile in order to make the system antifragile as a result. All restaurants are combating with each other in order to form the antifragility of the whole group. If a single restaurant is too robust when the crisis happens, all reasons are boil down to the fragile of this restaurant.

Evolution and Unpredictability

Nature (and nature-like systems) likes diversity between organisms rather than diversity within an immortal organism…
Evolutions benefits from the randomness but the unit died from the harms.
So I need to build some new systems different than the habit system, such as an energy managing system or log system.

Organisms Are Populations and Populations Are Organisms

Organisms are a group of units. Some units are killed some units survived and thrived. They have layers.


So this is why you need to make errors, You need some errors to make deviation but along the way you find some discoveries, this is Antifragile.

Learning from the Mistakes of Others

This chapter is about layering, units, hierarchies, the writer told a story about himself: he made an error of lifting stones, and when he is well-calibrated, he translates into small injuries that guide him the next time.
I think every day itself is also nonsystemic, I made some errors every day, and see what’s on my pain. I can improve tomorrow, that is, a procrastination log is very important.

How to Become Mother Teresa

This chapter is about relationship or character, you also can get a lot of information from others’ faults. If they don’t make faults, you don’t even know their true character.
It can also be used on ourselves. You need to cause mistakes and know it from variability, You should now them and think about why you make these mistakes, then you will get some information, and get rid of the mind of a victim.


The higher-level needs the fragility of the lower one. If some parts died but the group improved.


Because you already stronger than others, instead of you are stronger, others are killed, the group improved.

Me and Us

As an individual, we need to combat against the antifragility of the mother nature, because mother nature wants us, as an individual to sacrifice. Enlightenment empowers us to free ourselves from tribes, society, to pursue our own happiness.

National Entrepreneur Day
The author wants to set the National Entrepreneur Day because the most entrepreneur will fail so we need to be grateful to them that they give us Antiragility.