When things start, we find the projects take less time than your thinking.


This system is recording your time in the period of working, record every time in your period, you will reduce your fear about your so-called threatening subject.


If you restrict your time of the study, you may have an aversion about it, you want to break the authority for yourself, and you will find you will increase your time of the study. So, set a rule of your working time, like “don’t work more than four hours a day”, you’ll find you want to work more.


  1. Schedule only: committed time, free time, socializing, etc.
  2. Fill in your Unschedule with work on projects only after you have completed at least one-half hour.
  3. Fill in your Unschedule with work on projects only after you have completed at least one-half hour.
  4. Reward yourself with a break or a change to a more enjoyable task after each period worked.
  5. Keep track of the number of quality hours worked each day and each week.
  6. Always leave at least one full day a week for recreation and any small chores you wish to take care of.
  7. Before deciding to go to a recreational activity or social commitment, take time out for just thirty minutes of work on your project.
  8. Focus on starting.
  9. Think small.
  10. Keep starting.
  11. Never end “down.” If you solve a problem in the project, not give up and take a break, you will have more fun and more energy to keep going.

Use the calendar to record your free time.


The five benefits of using unschedule method:
1. Realistic timekeeping. You’ll know how much time you really left in a week.
2. Thirty minutes of quality time.
3. Experiencing success. When you log every committed time or study time, you’ll find your sense of achievement.
4. Self-imposed deadlines. You’ll set a lot of deadlines for yourself, not from others.
5. New-found “free time”. It’s your choice.

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