Overcompensation and Overreaction Everywhere

If as want to innovate and get creativities, we must get in trouble first, we cannot get invention from comfort.


If we want to finish a task, we must finish it in our busiest time.

Antifragile Responses as Redundancy

the human’s kidney is a form of redundancy, it isn’t useless, because you can save for bad times. So it’s the same reason why we need to build strong will and get in trouble even though there is no hazard.

According to the writer’s body-building experience, every time he exercises was focusing on the maximum. The body gives ourselves some spare to work more.

Fitness is an unclear concept, what is fitful? No one knows.


The more energy you put into trying to control your ideas and what you think about, the more your ideas end up controlling you.

You cannot kill your ideas, like tormenting love, something is antifragile so that you cannot kill them.

Please Ban My Book: The Antifragility of Information

Information is also antifragile, so many actors lose their fame or wreck their reputation because they want to save it. In addition, there also many people gain attention from criticism.

Criticism itself is antifragile, from criticism you can know whom you effect. Criticism is a truthful badge of attention, signaling that it is not boring.

Get Another Job

Some jobs like the author’s middle-level job, if he beat up the economist, he will lose his fame or his reputation, these jobs always have antifragility because they depend on these (bank) systems, but, another job, like the taxi driver, or crazy artist, they don’t care about reputation, also don’t need to wear a suit.

Large companies and governments do not understand this. If you hear they want to “tranquilize” or “give confidence,” you know they are fragile, investors will run away.

This is why the author is the stance supporter of fiscal conservatism, if you have no debt, you don’t need to care about the reputation in your economic circles.

It’s interesting that what we benefited the most aren’t those who try to help us, but rather those who actively tried, eventually to harm us.

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