EP 4 AI tool for learning

I’m Qiran. Today, I would like to share with you my understanding of Artificial Intelligence.

I gradually realized that AI has already entered my life. Some people may think that AI is very destructive to the lives of ordinary people. But in my opinion, the most distinct characteristic that humans possess and surpass other creatures is the ability to use tools. AI is a very useful tool now, and it would be highly beneficial if we can learn to use it effectively.

In terms of learning English, I have found a lot of useful tools that are built upon artificial intelligence. One of these tools is DeepL, which I noticed several years ago. The quality of its translation is far better than Google Translate. I can smoothly translate an article into another language without worrying about its readability. Moreover, I can easily find a suitable word on DeepL if I forget its expression in another language.

In addition to this, I have also found some AI-powered tools for web designing. I am sure that many problems in building a beautiful and powerful website will be solved in the future. As for me, I just need to focus on creating content.

Recently, the stunning tool called ChatGPT was released, and I’m using it as a grammar checker after finishing a writing practice in English. It’s so useful that I can learn to write by myself without a tutor. I don’t need to worry about errors in writing anymore, and can write freely and smoothly. As a result, I am willing to post my articles written in English online. Though there is still a lot of room for improvement, I can already express some complicated ideas without misunderstanding now.

Anyway, maybe the reason these tools motivated me is that they give me some confidence in sharing and learning. However, ultimate success in learning depends on our own efforts instead of just relying on tools. We just need to practice more.

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