Reclaim Leisure

Leisure and the good life
As Aristotle’s lead, joyful activities is a “source of inward joy”. We can call them high-quality leisure.

The Bennett principle
(FI 2.0 movement is that if you can radically reduce your living expenses, you gain two advantages– you save money at a much faster pace and you don’t have to save as much to become independent.)
When you gain FI at a young age, you gain much leisure hours.

when individuals in the FI community are provided large amounts of leisure time, they often voluntarily fill these hours with strenuous activity.
Leisure time is very important for us. We need to clear our mind and keep from junk.

Leisure Lesson #1: Prioritize demanding activity over passive consumption.
When you use your brain and be strained, you will get a high-quality leisure time rather than scrolling your phone like zombie. In my opinion, some stuffs such as videos full of useless information.

Cultivating a high-quality leisure life needs effort.
physical world is better than digital world. Similarly, composing a song in a digital sequencer misses the pleasures that come from the nuanced struggle between fingers and steel strings that defines playing a guitar well…
Leisure Lesson #2: Use skills to produce valuable things in the physical world.

Supercharged sociality
Leisure Lession #3: Seek activities that require real-world, structured social interactions.

Rich social interactions is very important. Board game is a good choice.

The Leisure Renaissance

some high-quality pursuits depends on the strategic use of new technologies.

Practice: Fix or build something every week
You can be handy in the physical world.
Learning a new skill is a very good way.

Practice: Schedule your low-quality leisure
How much time?

Join things
Reaping these benefits in your own community.
Join some things new, don’t be afraid. Like Franklin, become a member first.

Practice: Follow leisure plan
Don’t get whole blocks of time with no schedule, no expectations, and no activity. These decompression sessions have their place, but thier rewards are muted.

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