Writing freely

Now I find my writing skill is gradually improving. My writing speed is faster than before. The problem is that I face some stress when I need to post publicly. I’m still afraid of showing the errors and flaws of my article.
But I know no one can be perfect. Modifying the article and checking the grammar incessantly will kill the interest and motivation of writing.
In addition, It’s my own website. I think if other people don’t like, they can unfollow me.
In any … ...➔➔➔

EP 14 Information quality

In my own opinion, there are three kinds of information in our life.
The first one is text, the second is audio, the last one is video.
Let’s talk about the first one. The content of texts is based on words. It’s the most abstract form of information. If we are literate, we can understand words, then we can understand road signs, posters, magazines, and books. It’s simplest to save texts for us. It’s also a form that can save the best information quality. … ...➔➔➔

EP 13 Anki and offline

I had been using Anki as my reviewing tool from 2017.
Anki is a very powerful and effective tool, it’s also one of the best tools for learning a language. There is also no alternative of Anki as a tool for creating your own database.

But I gradually felt its disadvantages. It’s a software. I always need to use it on computer or on smartphone. To form a habit, I need to open it everyday.

But currently I’m practising digital minimalism. I tried to replace most of unnecessary… ...➔➔➔

EP 12 Repetition

Repetition is an essential part in our life.
Life is started from one cell. But just by copying itself, one cell can grow into a complicate system with different features. It’s a form of repetition.

When we need to memorize something, we aIso need a lot of repetitions. Maybe it’s very boring, but I can’t deny it’s a very effective way.
When we need to gain a skill, we also need a lot of repetitions. We usually started from a very basic practice. Only after … ...➔➔➔


I bought a wallet and started using cash again recently.
It’s a very interesting try. I’ve been getting used to pay by smartphone for many years. It’s feeling weird after suddenly giving up E-pay. But now I found that I can still be relaxed when I going out without smartphone.
When I was paying, the feeling of “touching money” is very authentic. Compare with just tapping on the phone, I prefer the feeling of real money.

EP 11 Pure writing

Writing is a essential part in the life of thinking and learning. It’s also indispensible for me.
But the way of writing has changed a lot. Writing on paper is the most traditional way.
I can still vaguely remember the days when I was writing journal on paper under the dim light of lamp. I enjoyed the feeling of writing on paper.
But it’s very inconvenient to write on paper. We can’t take all of our notebooks easily. It’s also difficult to look up former words.… ...➔➔➔