Ancient Greece

Architecture and Architectural Sculpture

Doric and Ionic orders.
Doric formulated on the mainland; the Ionic was the order of choice in the Aegean Islans and coast of Asia Minor.
shaft is the vertical channels.

Basilica, Paestum
The columns of the Temple of Hera are swelling at the middle of the shafts.

Temple of Artemis, Corfu
The hideous Medusa and two panthers at the center of this early pediment served as temple gaurdians.
It’s a hard task for Greek sculptor.


Reclaim Leisure

Leisure and the good life
As Aristotle’s lead, joyful activities is a “source of inward joy”. We can call them high-quality leisure.

The Bennett principle
(FI 2.0 movement is that if you can radically reduce your living expenses, you gain two advantages– you save money at a much faster pace and you don’t have to save as much to become independent.)
When you gain FI at a young age, you gain much leisure hours.

when individuals in the FI community ...➔➔➔

Don’t Click “Like”

Practice: leave your phone at home
Having your phone is not a crisis.

Practice: Take long walks
Walking is better than sedentary. “If you’re wearing headphones, you are not really walking.”
But the hardest part of this practice is making the time.
Broaden your definition of “good weather”! You can get big rewards.

Practice: Write letter to yourself
It”s a simple and easy practice to to deploy, but it’s also inscredibly effective....➔➔➔

A Lopsided Arms Race

Smartphones changed our life, but they changed us drastically and no one predicted that.

Big tobacco companies emerged, and they are harming us more.
Internet addiction is also a big problem.
intermittent positive reinforcement: the unknown is always enticing. the drive for social approval

Spend time alone

Solitude Deprivation
We need to be free from input from other thoughts.
We need solitude to thrive and make important… ...➔➔➔

Whether You Want It or Not…It’s Yours

THE TRUTH IS THAT YOU REALLY ARE IN CONTROL—IN TOTAL CONTROL. You are consciously or unconsciously choosing to be in that lousy job.

  1. Taking responsibility means never blaming anyone else for anything you are being, doing, having, or feeling.
  2. Taking responsibility means not blaming yourself.
  3. Taking responsibility means being aware of where and when you are NOT taking responsibility so that you can eventually change.
  4. Taking responsibility means handling the Chatterbox.

From Pain to Power

Pain to power; Helplessness to choice; Depression to Energy; Paralysis to action;

It’s a power of love yourself, power of good love.

love and power go together.


I’m powerful and I am loved.

Action is very powerful!

Don’t be too serious! (Don’t be as my dad)

“I hope” is a pain. You are not a victim, you just need to say “I know”.

If you are responsible for your faults, then you can avoid… ...➔➔➔

Music in high school



是啊,相比起当时“网络歌手”的他来说,他已经更加低调了,但还是有人默默喜欢他的音乐。… ...➔➔➔

Chapter 5 Energy 埶篇第五


凡戰者, 以正合, 以奇勝。
In order to secure victory, indirect methods are also important.

戰勢不過奇正, 奇正之變, 不勝窮也。
There are unending series maneuvers derived from 奇 and 正. In a war, we can use so many ways. Why just always think about 正?
It’s hard for me to use Zheng, but Qi is also useful.

勢如擴弯, 節如發機。
In this sentence, 勢 equals energy. Release your energy as soon as possible when a war begins.

任勢者, 其戰人也, 如轉木石。木石之性, 安則靜, 危 則動, 方則止, 圓則行。
戰人is fighting men. We use… ...➔➔➔