EP 5 Thirteen years of journaling

I’ve been journaling for thirteen years.
I started journaling in April 2010.

It’s one of the most important habits in my life.
Before 2016, I wrote journals on paper. After 2016, I started to write on app. It’s very convenient to write digitally. After December 2017, I started writing in English.

I became aware that journals are the history of my own life.
Now I have the intention to collect all my journals and publish them in a book. I think it would be very interesting… ...➔➔➔

Reading the first five books of the Bible

After almost a year of intermittent reading, I have finally finished the first five books of the Old Testament. The first five books are also called the books of Moses.
I suddenly realized that probably seventy percent of the Bible is the Old Testament. Only a small part of it is the New Testament. The Old Testament is written in Hebrew, and the New Testament is written in Greek.

There are some stories that impressed me a lot. Killing and punishment may be the theme during the time of… ...➔➔➔

EP 4 AI tool for learning

I’m Qiran. Today, I would like to share with you my understanding of Artificial Intelligence.

I gradually realized that AI has already entered my life. Some people may think that AI is very destructive to the lives of ordinary people. But in my opinion, the most distinct characteristic that humans possess and surpass other creatures is the ability to use tools. AI is a very useful tool now, and it would be highly beneficial if we can learn to use it effectively.

In terms of … ...➔➔➔


Why do I no longer use stickers? For me, the use of stickers distorts the understanding of others. I don’t think it’s an effective or appropriate way to communicate with others online. The Internet is already full of entertaining and useless information. Using stickers will make this situation worse. Using words is enough to convey accurate information. Although without stickers, some people will think that it will feel that there is no emotion. But the truth … ...➔➔➔

EP 3 Feel the fear

Hi, I’m Qiran. Today I would like to share with you my understanding of fear.

Fear is one of the basic human emotions. We all have fears. As for me, fear is one of my biggest difficulties in life.

There are different kinds of fear.
The first fear of myself is the fear of being disappointed by others. In terms of human relationships, I’m really an infant now. I am afraid of falling.
I always avoid dealing with others, just like an infant avoids learning to walk. But if I never… ...➔➔➔

Why don’t lie

When we were kids, elders always tell us not to lie. But most of us lie because we are afraid of the consequences after telling the truths. As a child, lying is a good protection. 

It’s always a bad habit to lie to yourself or to other people.

Lying can distort our understanding of reality. When we lie to ourselves, at first we think we can avoid the difficulties or solve some problems. But we will gradually lose the ability to face the real world.

The truth is cruel, but the… ...➔➔➔

EP 2 The tree of habits

Hi, I’m Qiran. Today I would like to share with you some of my understanding about habits.
In my life, the concept of cultivating habits is gradually becoming one of the most important parts.

In my opinion, habit is a compound interest. The fruits or effects of habits will grow faster and faster in the long run.

For me, one of the examples of daily habit is writing journals. Maybe it’s my longest habit, which started from my middle school time. Now it has become my important… ...➔➔➔

EP-01 Why I start my podcast

Hello everyone. I’m Qiran. This is the first episode of my podcast. Today’s topic is that, I want to share reasons about why I start my podcast.

The first reason is, it’s a place of sharing my thoughts and my understanding covering a lot of topics. It’s an opportunity to exchange ideas with others, maybe I can meet new friends and learn a lot from others in the future.

Second, I think I can cover a lot of topics that I’m interested in. Forcing myself … ...➔➔➔